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Zim comicage!

Hey, folks. Just popping in to blatantly advertise my new comic, Ziminniy. ^.^ As you might be able to tell from the title, it's a little bit of foolishness based on Invader Zim. I plan to make it ZADR in the future, but for now it's just silly.

The first one here.  Hope ya'll enjoy it! 

A new spiffy Invader Zim community =3

(Sorry if you've seen this everywhere else, it's been crossposted like a mofo^^; )

Hello peeps! There's a new Invader Zim community in town!
foodcourtia and it's actually moderated too! Whoo~!!
Once we have 30+ members there will be fun contests where you can win spiffy
Zim stuff^^

You can even talk about Jhonen related stuff there, so join dagnabbit XD


ok i just heard from someone on a messageboard that Invader Zim is going to be on Nickelodeon this Thursday at 3:00 pm ET/PT! I thought he was kidding at first, but if you check www.nick.com its all true ^_^ i'm getting my tape ready!
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Just In

Hey all,
just joined and thought I'd say hey, I love IZ so very much ^_^ and very angry the stupid people decided to take it off the air o_O my friend said it messed with our fragile little minds to much -pft-, happens to the best of shows, anyway hey ^_^
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